Church to me is home sweet home. This is due to the fact that church has been a part of my life since I was a little child. I have always had a great relationship with the people who attend my church. They have got to be some of the most caring and loving people that I have ever met. I am so lucky to be apart of this kind of church. And that is why Churches in Phoenix have changed many lives though our lord Jesus Christ. I have seen the spirit move in these churches many times and hearts and lives have been saved due to this.

One story that touched my heart so much was when a cancer ridden lady visited are church. She had excepted the fact that she was going to die and wanted to come to church because she was a christian and hadn’t been to church in a long time because of her illness. Well after church me and my sister and a close friend took her in a room by ourselves to pray for her privately. We hadn’t realized that God was going to show up and teach us about the suffering of others. We all gathered around her and began to pray as she set quietly. Suddenly my sister gasped and began to cry and weep and wail. I was like, what on earth is wrong with her she isn’t the won who is in pain suffering with cancer. After this we all looked at each other in awl and wondering why my sister was acting this way.

The lady with the cancer looked at my sister with pity and patted my sister on the back, and then hugged her not knowing what was wrong with my sister. This cancer ridden woman showed pity on a girl who was completely healthy, but crying uncontrollably for what we thought was no reason at all. Once my sister stopped crying and we all hugged and said goodbye to the ill woman, we then looked at my sister and said what was that all about. My sister once again teared up again and began to tell us why she had been crying uncontrollably.


She said that she touched the woman and began to pray for her, and a vision from god popped in her head and it showed her all of the suffering and pain that this woman had been though, as if she herself (meaning my sister) were in pain. She said that she felt the helplessness and pain that the ill woman had been going threw. She said that this was the reason why she began to cry and couldn’t stop. We all three thought about what the vision was representing, and the only thing that came to mind was God was showing my sister and us that, this woman even though she had suffered from cancer, had still put herself and her own suffering aside and thought of others first, and that is what being a true christian is about. Many of the Phoenix churches have these kind of people in attending them. I have never experienced something like what happened to my sister that day before, but I guess it happens a lot in Christian churches in Phoenix. The spirit of God moves freely in these churches and especially those Non Denominational churches Phoenix ministries. These churches are prayer warriors who use pray to fight their enemies threw the grace of god. Scottsdale churches are great churches as well and they are just as good as the Spirit filled churches Phoenix Arizona area. It seems the lord is flourishing in these churches and there seems to be not many like them in the United States. But who really knows because god is in control and can change any church if he wishes to.