Vaping and Mods


Vaping is nothing but using an electronic cigarette powered by a battery and something that gives you the same feeling and satisfaction as a normal cigarette.

Well, it might seem to be a recent phenomenon but the actual story dates back to 1963 when the initial electronic cigarette patent was filed by Herbert A. Gilbert. Well, that started the first generation of E-cigs. They usually consist of a cartridge, an atomizer (which also acts as a heating element, a battery and a LED light cover. That is what makes a simple design and it’s no rocket science. What you have now is called a mod in the prevalent vapers lingo. Most of them have standardized parts that can be easily replaced and being standardized can be easily interchanged with other brands available in the market today. The first generation of e-cig were simple in design with all the subsequent models having an atomizer and a battery. The most common connection types being 510, 901, 808 and 801 but the 510 is the most common. Studies conducts by competent authorities have found that e-cigs are highly effective when it comes to cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms reduction.

E-Liquid or what is commonly known as E-Juice is another terminology one would come across in the world of Vaping. Today’s vaper has multiple range of products to choose from. However, only well-established brands like Five Pawns provide really high-quality E-Juices with a perfect flavor. It is basically the liquid content that is being atomized into Vapor, the components of which are vegetable Glycerine making up to 80% to 90% of the total content. The other components making up the e-Juice is Propylene glycol, food grade flavoring material, Nicotine making up 0% to 2.4% largely depending on the strength you would like to use and common distilled water.
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  • 510 – The company JoyE originally developed this common style of threading for electronic cigarettes that went on to become sort of standard in the industry.
  • 901 – An Atomizer which has a female thread that is not compatible with threading of 510.
  • 18650 – A standard in the industry of Li-Ion battery popularly used in APVs, mechanical mods, and tube mods.
  • Cartomizer – Disposable cartridges and atomizers combined together.
  • 2-piece – An electronic cigarette having two parts namely a battery and a cartomizer.
  • 3-piece – An electronic cigarette made up of three parts namely a battery, atomizer and the cartridge.
  • Atomizer – It is a small heating element that is responsible for vaporizing the e-Juice. It is the vaporized liquid that is inhaled by the user.